World Wellness Organization initiative of social action wing of Noni BioTech (P) Ltd., embarked on a lofty mission to create Wellness awareness among one billion people by the year 2020. In pursuit of accomplishing this laudable objective, various initiatives (like IGNOU Wellness Community College, Vaazhiyanalam, VWAM etc.,) have been taken. It is in this context Wellness Web Channel (WWC) is launched to harness the power of electronic media. The Wellness Web Channel, precursor to Wellness Satellite Channel, adopts the same mission of its parent organization.

Vision :
To Create a World of Wellness in which everyone is Healthy, Wealthy and Happy

Mission :

To Create Wellness Awareness among one billion people by the year 2020.

Objective :

To make the Wellness Web Channel as the most sought after channel of the world with the maximum per day hit rate, webcasting most authentic, genuine and reliable information on all areas of wellness and thus empowering humanity to evolve and rise to higher realms of wellness.

Guiding Principles

Webcast only genuine, authentic and reliable message and information such that the viewers are empowered to live a life of wellness.
Provide scope, opportunity and platform to genuine Wellness crusaders and practitioners to show case their unique teaching points and practices.

Maintain at all times highest standards in terms of technology, value, message appeal, practicality and interest so as to sustain patronage of viewers.

Be available to viewers at all times on 24 x 7 basis.

Ensure that Wellness programs engage classified target audience (children, mothers, family members, working women etc.,) at appropriate time slots.